pepper corns in a bowl

The POWER of Pepper

Pepper Cake anyone? Not sure? Me neither!

It does remind me of the Jamie Oliver Christmas episode when he stuffs Pepper into an otherwise delectable mince pie and encourages Gennaro to eat it! This gets a very unpleasant reaction from the Italian Cook! (who taught me to make pasta many years ago btw! – but that’s another story!)

Knowing that in small amounts pepper can not only really enhance food flavour (including strawberries – as Richard Gere showed Julia Roberts) but also it can enhance the properties of good wholesome food and ingredients to make them even better for us! OK so cakes aren’t considered a whole food – but I’m determined to make one that is! So watch this space!

pepper cakeBut adding in a few elements can turn them into something more than just a cake:
Pepper = grind into a well-mixed batter fresh black pepper
Turmeric – blend in 3g into the flour so long as you are using at least 200g of flour in the mixture
Lemon zest only in the sponge of the acid from the juice will set off the baking powder – use the juice in the icing!

The chemical compounds in the black pepper enhance the active properties in the other functional ingredients powering up your whole dish!!

I love that idea!

I’ve started adding Pepper to everything I eat trying to ensure I’m getting the best out of all my food! Clearly there is a heat to the dishes if you go made but why not give it a go and let us know how you get on?

We’d love you to share your best recipes with us – we will create a page where we can load these up for you!

Happy Peppering! Heat up your day!


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