heart shaped biscuits

Oh Crumbs!!

I thought I’d try something new this week and started flood decorating cookies. I always have such great expectations of my baking ability but never seem to live up to it!! Baking takes so much practice and patience, I know what I want things to look like but certainly on the first few go’s they don’t always go to plan! Today I was hoping to decorate cookies with a beautifully glossy icing. I wasn’t sure how this was achieved.

So I used my favourite biscuit recipe:

350g Plain flour
100g SR flour
125g Butter cubed
125g Soft Brown Sugar
125g Golden Syrup
1 egg

250g Royal icing mix
40g   Water

Blend the above using creaming method, roll out, cut out and chill before baking. Bake 160 for approx 15 mins (depending on thickness).

All my images of biscuit use this recipe – very buttery and syrupy notes. I thought the royal icing needed to be super thin so simply stirred royal icing mix with water – it didn’t work!

Whisk the royal icing til it peaks and use this to pipe the boarder.
Add a splash of water to the remaining mixture so it’s a little runnier.
Add colour if required and then pipe this into the centre of the biscuit, encourage the icing to move using the end of a thin spoon / skewer.
Add decoration be it other colours, sprinkles etc..

I’ll be practising all next week now I expect but I’ll get there – good luck biscuit decorating! xx

heart shaped and scoobydo biscuits

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