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Amazingly Glossy Chocolate Cake Frosting

How to make it The Drizzle Cake Co. way! drizzle cake company logo

I’ve really struggled to find any really brilliantly glossy choc fudge cake icings that really deliver both in gloss and that stay pipe-able let alone one that’s in grams! So after a lot of research and many chocolate licking spoons later – I’ve developed my own twist on all the ones I’ve seen out there!

Here it is Recipe and Method combined:

250g dark chocolate 75% cocoa content and while it cools:

30g Cocoa Powder and
65ml Boiling Water until well combined.

Then..with ideally an electric whisk mix until really fluffy:
250g Salted Butter – that’s at room temperature
170g Icing Sugar
20g Honeychocolate cake frosting mixture

Then slowly blend in the cocoa mixture in and finally pour in the melted chocolate keep mixing until its super smooth and glossy and peaks well!

The icing can be stored in a covered bowl and refrigerated for around 5 days. Simply bring to room temperature and beat until smooth and glossy again!

If you’d like it darker simply use a higher cocoa content chocolate or increase the amount of cocoa mixture in your recipe.glossy chocolate cake frosting

I don’t like all the blurb before a recipe, you seem to have to wade through – I always just want to get on with it – so I’ve put my recipe at the top so if you’re cookery minded you can simply crack on and not read any of my waffle if you don’t want to!!

Most of the versions I’ve tried are too runny / too thick / too grainy or simply choc ganache which is great but you don’t always have cream in the house where as I always seem to have a bit of butter, cocoa powder and lets face it boiling water isn’t too hard to make!

I really hope you enjoy this recipe and let me know how it goes!

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