Our Vision

Food consultants delivering market leading innovation and development (tasty new product ideas!) into businesses who also hold positive food values.

“We have a Love of Great Food with a Passion!”

“An Energetic Food Company Looking out for Delicious Ideas for you...”

Being focused, well connected, creative and positive food consultants will ensure we enable your business to become even more successful
Rebecca Bolt
Rebecca Bolt

Festival Food

We love food and music festivals! Allowing us to meet lots of great food loving people! Where we give away tasters and get your reactions. In addition to consulting we believe the best way to understand is to do, with that in mind we work on developing our own brands. New projects underway, so look out for us at the next food or music festival.

Innovate & Develop

We work on new recipes, ideas, create new business and will sell into any organisation or target markets required. Supporting start-ups trialing opportunities and giving confidence where it might be lacking. Our development kitchen and tasting area allow you to experience our ideas first hand. This allows for immediate 360 degree feedback.

New brands!

Three exciting new brands currently under development Amaze Cake, Drizzle Cake & The Curry Crew. As food consultants we believe in research led practice this is why we develop our own brands to pass on what we learn to you. We will be keeping you updated on these three projects.

Our Development Collection

The best way to experience our wide development collection is to reach out to us. As it’s not always possible to taste everything just with your eyes!

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